Thursday, June 21, 2007

Day 65 - LaNeve does Hannity

GM North America's Vice President for Sales, Service & Marketing Mark R. LaNeve has the time to do the Sean Hannity Show - but GM/Saturn has remained silent. He was on in the 4pm hour, from about 4:33 to 4:45. The main topic was fuel economy standards, but Mr. LaNeve commented on how GM got a bad rap for its products, when, according to him, they lead the market in some areas, including their new crossover SUVs such as the Saturn Outlook. Customer Service is not one of the areas they excel in, or at least they have not come close to date.

Today marks four weeks since Jill Lajdziak, General Manager of Saturn Corporation, received a four-page letter by Fedex, along with a nine-page email thread, and several pages from NHTSA's ODI website, including my own complaint. Today, I sent a followup letter directly to Mr. LaNeve, also by Fedex, along with a copy of the complete prior letter and all attachments. Mr. LaNeve had received a copy of the prior letter on Tuesday, May 29th by certified mail, as had Mr. Wagoner and Mr. Clarke.

We shall see if Mr. LaNeve will respond - it will be delivered tomorrow, Friday, June 22, 2007.

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