Thursday, June 7, 2007

Day 51, no green card from Saturn of Manassas; no reply from GM

Thursday June 7, 2007's mail delivery came and went with no items from Saturn, GM or Saturn of Manassas. Today is two weeks since Saturn's Jill Lajdziak received our letter, with still no response by like means. Saturn of Manassas is still AWOL on the green return-receipt card - they should have gotten their copy of the letter prior to the three Detroit GM addressees. GM received their copies 9 days ago and have not made any further contact. Perhaps it is time for a letter directly to GM about Ms. Lajdziak's failure to respond.

One begins to wonder if Saturn of Manassas is refusing to receive their mail - how else can one explain the overly extended delay on the green return-receipt card that should have been in hand a week ago or more.

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